The auto services we can provide range from a simple oil service to a complete overhaul of engines and transmissions.

We have two great locations:
Peoria Illinois and Bartonville Illinois.

Fosters Peoria Location

In Peoria IL: 3523 W. Farmington Rd.


Fosters Bartonville Location

In Bartonville IL: 608 McKinley Ave.


If you still have a carburetor on your vehicle we can expertly rebuild or repair it.

Brake problems…we can stop them.

Electrical trouble…we can make short work of that.

Still drive a manual transmission we can clutch it as well as rebuild it.

Rear ends…we can re-gear them.

Steering & suspension woes…we can re-joint, re-spring, re-tie rod, re re re whatever.

Air conditioning…we can cool it.

Heating…we can warm up to this.

Cooling system trouble…we can pump this up stat.

Radiator problems…let us flow this.

Service Engine Soon light on…we speak computer-ese.

Strange noises…we have well trained ears.

Need a tune up? We can do.

Scheduled maintenance programs greatly extend the life of your vehicles.

Our people are experienced and know how to care for your vehicle and know what to look for to prevent costly repairs later.

Our People have a combined 239 years of experience.

We offer a courtesy shuttle to take you home, to work or where ever you may need to go.

Our hours are Mon-Fri 7:00 – 5:30…

We are closed on weekends and holidays.

We offer towing through Illinois Valley Towing
@ 674-4404. Illinois Valley Towing is available 24/7.